Donation methods to The Land Beyond:

1. Payment via bank account:

Owner: THE LAND BEYOND, non-profit association
IBAN: GR 5801101040000010400161609

Step 1: Deposit in the account

Step 2: Inform The land beyond, either by calling +30 210 3643224, or by e-mail:

Please remember to note the date of payment and your mail address in order to receive your receipt of payment

2. Paying by post cheque or fast-payment:
Money donation via ELTA (Gree Post) using post cheque (at any ELTA offices) or by fast -payment (we have it in our office)
Send the document to: 54, Omirou Str., 106 72, Athens, Greece

3. Paying in situ, or at the office:
-Vitsa, Zagori, Ioannina, 45500, Greece (after giving us a notice or during activities)
-54, Omirou str, 10672, Athens, Greece

4. Paying by Paypal or by credit card, clicking the link below