The reconstruction of Aloni in an outdoor amphitheatric multipurpose venue.

Aloni was built in the 19th century together with the rest of the buildings of the property. Aloni is an authentic infrastructure of the traditional stone-paved aloni (threshing floor) of Zagori, in the outskirts of settlements, in regions exposed to strong winds, appropriate for the threshing of crops, encompassed by a tall wall. This wall gives an introvert character to the structure transforming it into an internal courtyard. It renders it appropriate for theatrical and cultural events, while the circular paved area simulates an orchestra similar to an ancient theatre. A small number of stands were added, light metallic infrastructure with cement seats, wooden access corridors and a small wooden scene in the western part. These additions –absolutely discreet– leave the existing building intact and visible for the visitor-spectator. Aloni continues to exist and to be seen, in contrast to the, below and around, flimsy new construction.
The access to the area of the new theatre, the main entrance for the audience is from the west boundary of the site, from the path that passes in front of the property and leads to the forest. The visitor enters the theatre via a new discreet cobbled path, built on the existing contour, without altering the topography of the site, passing through (on its right) the impressive stone formation that defines the site towards the North and on the other hand, the new wooden scene. Aloni has been abandoned since approximately the 1930s when it is estimated that the last threshing of the family took place. The masonry of the surrounding, a good quality of dry-stone wall, has been carefully restored according to the guidelines in use when first built so that the old building is standing out despite the small additions.

In the south-eastern end of Aloni, on the wedge that the surrounding walls form, one can find all the electromechanical equipment. The necessary installations have been made for the sound operator and the lighting mechanism for the events–performances. The theater has a capacity of 200 people, about 100 in the stands and 100 in mobile seats in the former threshing floor in cases when the events take place on the new stage.

The threshing floor, a fundamental place for food production, the principle of life for villagers, today is located right next to the Fidous Library and the Knowledge Hub building which together offer modern forms of "food consumption”; food for thought and art in collective production, a fundamental element of all Zagori inhabitants, for all Epirotes, Greeks, Europeans. The circular animal movement in the threshing floor today symbolizes the cycle of life, the circular economy, interculturalism in one world and the meeting of all people in liberty, with participation and in peace.

The theatre will be inaugurated in the summer of 2021 when it will be named.

The venue:

  • Total theatre acreage: 375sq.
  • Acreage of Threshing floor – orchestra: 111sq.m.
  • Scene acreage: 30sq.m.
  • Dressing room: 45τμ.


  • total, with seats on the scene: 220 persons
  • in two rows, semi-circular: 95 persons
There are three entrances/exits (one principal, one internal secondary and one security). We can provide coffee breaks upon request.

The venue equipment:

  • Wi-Fi 100MBPs (participants/audience may be asked to turn off all cell phones).
  • Big Speaker for musical and other live events (Yamaha STAGEPAS 1K, all-in-one portable PA System, line array speaker covering the 375sqm, 12-inch subwoofer, built-in mixer features 1-knob EQ, application software- STAGEPAS-Editor to remotely control the STAGEPAS 1K via Bluetooth from mobile device)
  • Two wireless microphones
  • Basic lighting (five headlights and peripheral)
  • Chairs, tables, pillows and blanket (upon prior arrangement)
  • Flip-chart, paper, markers
  • Power sockets, strip and other outlets
  • Extra equipment like podium, screen, projector, more speakers or special lighting, reception, cloakroom etc. can be arranged upon request.

Pricing per day

The theatre is available from 08.00-00.00 all working days and on the week-end

Not-for-profits and social economy organisations: €160
Private sector: €230

More than 5 days
Not-for-profits and social economy organisations: €110/day
Private sector: €180/day

Half day (up to 5 hours)
Not-for-profits and social economy organisations: €90
Private sector: €140


Cleanliness cost (before + after the event): €100
Extra cost (applies for more days reservations): +€50/each time

Technical support

Technical support pricing per day
  • 2 hours: €20
  • 4 hours: €40
  • 6-8 hours: €80
If you want to rent the space, fill out the form here.

Donors (4 seasons/nature elements) are entitled to a 20% reduction.
Benefactors are entitled to a 40% reduction, for granting the space to themselves or to the organisations they belong.

Income from granting the theatre to not-for-profit organisations, is considered as a donation to The land beyond. For professional use, an invoice is issued and the above prices are increased by VAT.
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