The Land beyond organizes or hosts literary meetings, art exhibitions, theatre performances, musical events, film festivals and other cultural events. It attaches particular importance to youth actions and educational exchanges, cross-cultural and other, exercise and initiation to walking, promotion of intangible cultural heritage. During the daily visits, the history, architecture and folklore of Zagori, the gastronomy and the production of tsipouro (the white spirit of the area) are presented, there are short hikes and a game of hidden treasure. We organize events and book presentations in Belgium. We assume responsibility towards nature, the local community, people and the world, we make sponsorships, we award prizes.

"Certainties divide people, diversity unites them."

"To form our character is our duty, not to compose books and win, not battles and provinces, but to define and calm our conduct. Our great and glorious masterpiece is living right. All other things, power, accumulation, constructions, are only a few appendages and props, at most."
Michel de Montaigne
ZFD: An annual Festival between three categories of professional screenwriters & directors, publishers and producers and distributors. ALLB activities, of speech or of art, are held every year by a well-known author, artist or teacher, of a specific quality or capacity.
In collaboration with schools and universities, the land beyond is a unique destination for school trips and educational workshops
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The land beyond is a way of thinking and living. The creation of a community. Become part of the community by choosing the way that suits you best.