Multi-activity room

The venue 2 Sternes is named after the unique phenomenon of having two cisterns in the same house. In the land beyond we continue the tradition of knowledge, culture and voluntary commitment towards a better world, in a unique peaceful setting, in an authentic Zagori house built with traditional stone.

The space

Capacity: 57 sqm.
Dense arrangement: 60 people.
A semicircular arrangement of two rows: 35 people.

There are three entrances, 6 large and bright windows, central heating and a fireplace. There is a kitchenette (with a fridge, a sink, an oven and a stove, coffee-makers etc.); two toilets (for men & women). Salla (20 sqm.) -for breakfast and coffee- is right next to the kitchen, with access to the courtyard Tymphi (80sqm).

The venue is equipped with:
  • Wi-Fi 100MBPs
  • the glass top of the cistern to be used as a podium
  • chairs, armchairs, stools and sofas
  • projector and screen
  • amplifier and 6 speakers
  • flip-chart (with paper & markers)
  • laptop, power strips and extension cords
  • full lighting coverage with overhead lighting and 17 downlight

*Smoking is prohibited in all indoor spaces.

Out and around the building, there are also two outdoor yards:
  • the front yard of Tymfi (80sqm.) with an amazing view of Zagori mountains.
  • the backyard World Cafe (15sqm.) under the shadow of the big plane tree, in front of the Knowledge Hub.

Pricing per day

2 Sternes is available from 08.00-00.00 all working days and on the week-end

Not-for-profits and social economy organisations: €90
Private sector: €120

More than 5 days
Not-for-profits and social economy organisations: €75/day
Private sector: €90/day

Half day (up to 5 hours)
Not-for-profits and social economy organisations: €45
Private sector: €60

Technical Support Officer / day (up to 7 hours availability) € 90

If you want to rent the space, fill out the form here. ← HYPERLINK

Donors (4 seasons/nature elements) are entitled to a 20% reduction.
All profits made by renting the space go towards the non-for-profit organization the land beyond.

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