Beyond, towards new ideas, with freedom, participation within one world. Knowledge, art and nature, the pillars of our horizontal philosophy.

The land beyond is the recognition of the vision and the small distinctions of a world beyond the one we already know. With tools such as walking and talking, participatory leadership, exercise as medicine, digital tours, we create our own narrative of the world. Beyond the binding "sedentary” life of an old world filled with antiquated stereotypes. Beyond cheap competition and authoritative domination. Beyond life in the city, the ways that degrade the environment, destroy the climate, undermine our physical and mental health.

Our goal is to highlight the values of freedom and participation in an ever-changing global environment, through training seminars, experiential learning and sustainable development techniques, games, team-building exercises, walking and volunteering.

Our goal is the preservation of peace and the inclusion of all in a world beyond the ordinary. In habits, attitudes, reactions, ideas and thoughts because only by being mindful and by knowing ourselves, we can change the world.

The land beyond offers an option that exists but has been forgotten. The rapid advancement of technology, the increasing importance of our mental health, the reconnection of man with nature constantly bring us closer to this choice. The land beyond claims the right to the village and life in the mountain.

The land beyond is a civil society organization. During the period 2010-2020, a total of 85 events and meetings took place in the land beyond. The activities increase year by year in quantity and quality as the infrastructure is constantly upgraded.

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The land beyond is a way of thinking and living. The creation of a community. Become part of the community by choosing the way that suits you best.