The Wonder Wanderers
On May 31st - June 2nd, the Land Beyond welcomes Elpida Trizi, ICF Certified Life & Business Coach for a special event. Elpida brings to coaching more than 20 years of experience in corporate communication and international relations, of which 10 years abroad. Curiosity, self-discovery, love for storytelling as well as a growth mindset, led her to coaching. She inspires and encourages those who wish to reconnect with their whole, true selves, so as to thrive, personally and professionally. Her coaching focuses on the whole person, heart and mind, body and soul. She likes to work with "doers" who find themselves at "crossroads", people giving themselves time to recover after a burnout as well as anyone who wants to know themselves better and express their wants. Passionate about people and stories across the globe, Elpida believes that connection is at the core of who we are and what we do. We all long to connect: with ourselves, another person or group, even with something greater than us.


  • Reconnect with ourselves, those around us and the environment.
  • Experience that we have the agency, the true power to lead our lives intentionally and make a fulfilling contribution to the world around us. 


Our wish is to recognize the value of:

  • reflection, introspection and self-awareness through walking, movement and authentic contact with others in a safe, non-judgmental environment.
  • disconnecting from our "busy” routines and multiple screens, unblocking our minds and reconnecting with our hearts and bodies.

We also want everyone to experience what it feels like:

  • to open-up our senses,
  • to reduce the "noise”, whether external or internal, and listen to our "inner wisdom”,
  • to communicate with warmth and authenticity, free of any "boulders”,
  • to have the power to choose intentionally, expressing what we really want,
  • to have some new practices in place to integrate into our daily routine.
Throughout the overall event and w(o)andering, we invite everyone to feel:
  • a deeper connection with ourselves through conscious breathing, intentional walking and observation,
  • grounded and trusting our intuition,
  • inspired by the possibilities around.
More information about Elpida is available in English here:


Friday 31.5.2024

  • Arrival at the village of Vitsa, Zagori by own means – Room check-in
  • 20.00 - Meeting the organizing team and group dinner at a village restaurant

Saturday 1.6.2024

  • 09.30 - Welcome and introductory activity at the Land Beyond. Short "tune-in" walks around the area & debrief. Then continue for the main wonder - wandering with a special quest: an approximately 1.5 hour hike with specific instructions & debrief at a pre-arranged meeting point
  • 14.00 - Lunch all together
  • Rest and/or opportunity for a 30 min 1:1 coaching session with Elpida (only by prior arrangement or post-event online)
  • 18.30 - Group gathering at the Land Beyond - Interactive activities in pairs or triads
  • 20.30 - Light dinner all together at the Land Beyond
  • For those who are still able and willing: evening storytelling activity in a circle and/or night hike with specific instructions.

Sunday 2.6.2024

  • 10.00 - Group meeting at the Land Beyond - Conscious breathing exercise in a circle - "The journey of the hero/ine" with movement and narration
  • Completion & Feedback
  • 14.30 - Lunch all together at a tavern
  • Departure
For anyone wishing either to come earlier or to extend their stay, it is possible under prior arrangement.


Until 30.04.2024 "Early Bird” price is at €230.
From 01.05.2024 the cost is €260.
Price is per person in a double room with breakfast and incl. 4 meals. Single rooms available under discussion and with a premium.
Price also includes a 30 min. coaching session with Elpida either live or online post-event.
Please note this is an intimate group activity. Limited number of participants. Register now at
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