Man's conscious relationship with the natural environment around him aims to create Green Communities that will restore: In the land beyond, we cultivate the ground both literally and figuratively for the creation of a mountainous think tank in order to continuously teach people about state education and the role of the citizen in society.

Through presentations, dialogues, conferences, research, etc., the main objectives are the projection and practical promotion of: with the aim of achieving a collective restoration of man's relationship with the natural environment.

At the same time, the creation of communities consists of the cultivation of spirit, education, philanthropy, culture, intercultural understanding.

Participation is the active disposition of the person to be a part of the social whole and his continuous action towards its optimization.
The overall objective of the GLAP seminar series is to advance international peace and security, sustainable development, fundamental human rights and good governance, especially for young people around the world.
From presentations and walks to workshops and the creation of small communities that together can achieve a lot.
Team-building activities invite all groups of people in organizations, companies, associations to come together and work together to organize a "leisure" trip to nature.
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The land beyond is a way of thinking and living. The creation of a community. Become part of the community by choosing the way that suits you best.