Yonder is an initiative by three organisations: the land beyond, IASIS AMKE and European Expression.

The YONDER partnership between the three organizations has in principle a spiritual and symbolic attitude, beyond its practical, legal and institutional dimension.

Challenging conditions and times of crisis are pivotal moments for major change. In February 2020, two people, two organizations, two ideologies met for the first time.

The cure - the real cure - comes when we treat the cause that makes bad symptoms appear. Achieving this requires time and responsibility on the part of the sufferer. AMKE IASIS considers this time uniquely important. Time to think, to learn, to have fun, to envision productive methods to eliminate unhealthy habits and behaviours.

The land beyond, in Slavic, is identified with the name ‘Zagori’ and marks a country far beyond, behind the mountains. Beyond means beyond a time or place, beyond what we know and what we can do. Beyond is the unknown that we are constantly trying to conquer - collectively and individually.

These two words, definitions and organizations meet to put into practice what Greece is missing and what a united Europe envisions. European Expression, active for the last 32 years, with vast experience in the perception and re-transmission of the European idea, sets the grid for a comprehensive effort towards the realization of this goal.

Protecting our health, protecting the climate, defending volunteerism and ensuring peace are goals that we must invoke daily, on a personal, local, national and international level.

Through actions, seminars, events, festivals and programs, European Expression, IASIS and the land beyond work together to define a time frame (YONDER) in a mythical location of Greece, in Northern Epirus, in Zagorochoria, for the institution of a new way of life, away from toxic habits, towards the realization of a vision.

Visit the official website of Yonder. ONE FREE GREEN WORLD.
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The land beyond is a way of thinking and living. The creation of a community. Become part of the community by choosing the way that suits you best.