Yonder Path
The land beyond invites you on the first weekend of June to the first action of the year to celebrate Environment Day (5/06) together at the inaugural event of Yonder on Saturday night. On Sunday morning, the first Yonder Path will take place, from Vitsa to Tsepelovo and at the same time from Nestorio to the National Reconciliation Park on the occasion of the celebrations for the environment and the burned forests of Grammos.

Saturday (5/06)

Event at the open-air theater next 9 pm (finger food & wine).

Sunday (6/06)

Hiking 9:00 - 13:00 (Vitsa-Kapesovo-Tsepelovo), food in Tsepelovo, return to Vitsa.

The Yonder Festival is a platform for cooperation of civil society organizations with the theme ‘Climate Change and Youth’ and is implemented in the framework of the partnership between the land beyond, AMKE IASIS and the European Expression.

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