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The second route starts from Aetomilitsa and takes us to Plikati where we will rest, dine, have fun, spend the night. The next morning we will be transferred to Chioniades and walk through Vourbiani to Pyrsogianni.
What can local communities expect from this trip? The aim is to create a conduit - a flow of ideas, people, images, news through the path that is offered for it.
The land beyond invites you on the first weekend of June to the first action of the year to celebrate Environment Day (5/06) together at the inaugural event of Yonder on Saturday night.
The principle of wisdom of visiting names (Antisthenes). In other words, to know the origin of the word, etymological and semantic, in this case the history of the place-name.
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The land beyond is a way of thinking and living. The creation of a community. Become part of the community by choosing the way that suits you best.