The Land Beyond invites you to the 6day activity "Vikos crossing 2018 - Bridges, Fifteen Villages, 9-16.08.2018". From Thursday 9 August till Wednesday 16 August, you are going to visit the cultural monuments of Zagori villages, the famous stone bridges, the traditional villages. You will enjoy culinary experiences, walk in unique paths, in the National park of Northen Pindos . This activity is promoting hiking, voluntarism, knowledge, culture, creative spirit, well-being and social connectivity.


Deadline for participation: Monday 23 July 2018 (payment in advance: €50)

Warning, limited participants: 50 άτομα

It does not matter how many times one falls down; it only matters how many times one will stand up. How much determined one is to stay up. Nor does the score count. What does count is having the experience of the gorge, every individual moment of solitude, thinking beyond and feeling great; the discovering of nature, biodiversity, self-consciousness the way nature upraises the spirit without diminishing it. Freedom and concurrence of the elements in nature, all built in harmony. The prerequisite of which is an easiness and alertness at the same time, gkizerimata. Besides when you find yourself deep in a gorge, then you can realize how magic it is to be up in the mountains. We climb mountains not for the world to see us, but so that we can see the world. Think more, try more, live more!


Vikos Crossing 2018 – Bridges, Fifteen Villages, 9-16.8.2018


Thursday, 9.8.2018

Arrival at The Land Beyond, Vitsa

20.30 Dinner at En Chora Vezitsa, Vitsa Square


Friday 10.8.2018

08.00 Jogging to Prophet Hlias’s Monastery 

10.30 Visit at the Information Center of the National Park of Northern Pindos

12.00 Visiting Central Zagori : Kokoros’s Bridge, three-arched bridge of Kalogeriko, Kipoi, Negades Church

14.30 Lunch (lunch box)

16.00 Coffee at Kapesovo

17.30 Departure for Vradeto

18.00 Hiking to ‘Beloi’ and back

20.00 Departure for Vitsa

21.30 Dinner at ‘Kanela & Garyfalo’ at Vitsa


Saturday 11.8.2018

10.00 Bridges, Presentations*

Introduction , Nicos Yannis

Elefteria Tsakanika: The Bridge of Plaka and hidden secrets

Maria Balodhmou: Zagori’s Bridges

14.00 Lunch at Vitsa

16.00 Orientation game of the lost treasure, the land beyond (8-20 years old)

17.30 Sotiris Theofanis, Chairman/CEO of Thessaloniki Port Authority. “The port to a bridge’s edge”

Yannis Sakiotis: “From the big and small borders, to the big and small bridges: we can act worlwide in a sustainable way»

Giorgos Aggelakis: Construction and Function of Baldouma’s Bridge.

19.30 Visit at Agia Paraskevi’s monastery

20.30 Dinner at Monodendri

*We thank the speakers for the voluntary (unpaid) contribution.


Sunday 12.8.2018

08.00 Vikos Crossing, meeting at Monodendri square, family photo

1. Big Crossing, from Monodendri to the village of Vikos (Vitsiko), duration 7 hours approximately including pauses.

2. (alternative) Small Crossing, from Monodendri (back) to Vitsa, duration 3 hours approximately including pauses.

3. (alternative) Going down the Skala of Vitsa (40’, starting 10.00 from Vitsa square)

11.00 Missios Bridge, meeting of those who make the small crossing with those making the Skala of Vitsa.

12.00 Return to Vitsa

13.30 Lunch at ‘En Chora Vezitsa’ (for those taking alternatives 2 & 3)

20.30 Reception, certificates awarding, sharing of impressions and party at the land beyond


Monday 13.8.2018

09.30 Departure for Aristi

10.45 Rafting at Voidomatis

10.45 (alternatively) Hiking besides the river where they raft to Klidonia’s Bridge

14.30 Return from the rafting and hiking

15.30 Lunch at Megalo Papigo at Astra


17.30 Mikro Papigo, coffee

19.30 Visit at Rogovos natural pools

21.00 Dinner at Aristi or at Ano Pedina


Tuesday 14.8.2018

All-day Hiking «Hiking - 4 Villages»

09.00 Meeting at Vitsa Square

10.00 Misios Bridge

11.30 Koukouli, coffee

13.30 Kipoi, lunch at Margarites

16.00 Departure for Dilofo

17.00 Dilofo coffee

19.00 Vitsa

21.30 Dinner at Vitsa (Riza)

23.00 Vitsa Festival


Wednesday 15.8.2018

11.00 Departure for Oxya (Vikos view)

13.00 Hiking Zavrouxo - Ano Pedina

14.30 Lunch at Ano Pedina

17.00 Visit – guided tour at agrotourism guest house «Roka» at Elafotopos

22.00 Vitsa Festival


Thursday, 16.8.2018


The Land Beyond

Vikos Crossing 2018 – Bridges, Fifteen Villages, 9-16.8.2018


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