An annual Festival between three categories of professionals: 1. Screenwriters and Directors, 2. Publishers and Producers and 3. Distributors. The main purpose of this meeting is to create space where writing is prominent amongst the participants and networking is productive. More specifically, the ideal outcome of the Festival is to promote the writing of adapted screenplays based on books/ novels for the production of television series. The program includes meetings with producers and distributors from America and Europe; screenwriters, directors and publishers from the Balkans, Greece and Europe. These meetings are open to the public, with priority given to students of film and fine arts schools as well as young artists. The Festival also includes an online competition through the Film Freeway platform, with a special jury and awards ceremony. Zagori fiction days is a collaboration between the land beyond and the French non-profit Series Balkans.

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Following the success of the first edition (2020), ZFD reaffirms its role as a unique inter-Balkan and European platform, workshop and tool for cultural, economic and international exchanges in the crucial field of audiovisual entertainment fiction.
With their varied, rich and innovative program, and the enthusiastic reception of the public, the seven-day events of the 1st Zagori Fiction Days managed to open a new chapter in the creative audiovisual industry of the Balkans, Europe and the world, aspiring to become international of professionals
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