The overall objective of the GLAP seminar series is to advance international peace and security, sustainable development, fundamental human rights and good governance by formulating a curriculum of key principles and practices for global citizenship and education, especially for young people around the world. By bringing together the relevant communities of experts, officials and activists from across Europe and beyond, and by enabling them to jointly consider concepts and means of optimal political organization, the seminar aspires to draw conclusions to the benefit of citizens worldwide, for more legitimate and effective governance at all levels. GLAP seminars are usually collaborations with other organizations and take place for a duration of 5 days.

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This year's Global Land Paths X invites 40 young people from all over Greece, who are interested in climate action, to take part in the most participatory and interactive event on Climate Change that has been organized in our country.
The year 2020 kicked off with Climate Action being under the spotlight across local, national and international political scenes all around the globe. The sudden emergency of CoVid-19 pandemic, however, froze many significant efforts in fighting Climate change and its tremendous impacts.
Between the 21st and 26th of July 2019, the land beyond for the third consecutive time hosted the Centre for United Nations Constitutional Research (CUNCR) for an educational conference which welcomed participants from around the world.
The presentations at the 2018 Climate Justice Seminar focused not on the failures of the current climate management structure, and on the emerging successes of efforts to reverse this situation.
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